PO Learners, Today's Leaders

P-O Learners, Today's Leaders Award Criteria

1. The recipient must be a graduate of Philipsburg -Osceola Area High School established in 1959 or later.

2. The recipient must be out of high school for 10 (ten) years and can be nominated every year if not inducted. 

3. The recipient is a person who has utilized his or her P-O Area education to the max and is a valuable contributor to society.

4. The P-O Learner, Today's Leader Award will be presented to the recipient each year at graduation ceremonies.

5. The recipient will be a keynote speaker delivering a brief speech to that year’s graduating class. Speeches should address the impact PO has had on shaping the current success of the speaker. 

 6. The recipient will be chosen from the list of nominees by the selection committee comprised of the current high school principal, the president of the Alumni Association, a community member volunteer, two teachers from the P-O Area School District, and one retired teacher from the P-O area School District.