Below are four parts that students need to complete. First is logging into your Office 365, then organizing your OneDrive. The third part is sharing your folder and then lastly moving files within your OneDrive. Start w/ the first part and continue until you complete all the parts. Take your time and gain perspective of what your doing and after you complete the parts comprehend what you just learned. Have Fun!!

Part One: Logging in to Office 365

  1. Launch a browser such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome and browse to our home page Microsoft recommends either Edge or IE.

  2. Click the Office 365 icon in the top right of the page.

  3. Enter your pomounties username and password.

  4. After entering your username and password your name will be displayed on the Office 365 home page. If you have questions or issues please have your teacher email or dial 3306.

Part Two: Organizing OneDrive

  1. In part two after accessing your OneDrive you will properly name your folder and share it with your teacher.

  2. After logging into your Office 365 account locate and click the main menu which has the nine dots either top right or top left of the page and click OneDrive.

  3. Now that you are in your OneDrive click New and select Folder.

  4. Now you selected your new folder, it is time to properly name your folder. This is a very important task because this is what your teacher see in their shared OneDrive. When the name folder text box is displayed properly type in your first name and last name followed by a space then a dash a space then list the subject followed by the period and year. Then click Create The following screen show will help.

Part Three: Sharing folder(s) in your OneDrive.

  1. In part part three you will learn how to share your folder(s) in your OneDrive.

  2. In your OneDrive find your folder and select or highlight the folder.

  3. Now it is time to share your folder. When your folder is selected click Share at the time of the page.

  4. Now your are ready to share your folder. In the screen shot below enter your teacher's email address, then by default select if your teacher can edit or they can just view it. If you want to add a message, go ahead and type your message in the message box. Make sure the share everything box is checked and send email invite is checked as well. After that is completed, click Share. Now your teacher can access your folder.

Part Four: Moving files and/or documents within your OneDrive.

  1. Select the file or document you want to move.

  2. Click Move To at the top of the page.

  3. Move the file or document to a desired folder and click Move.

  4. Now you can access the file you moved.