OneDrive WebQuest

The OneDrive WebQuest activity is intended for students to organize their OneDrive so teachers can easily find, access, make comments and grade any files, projects, assignments and documents shared with the teacher. After the student folder is shared, any documents, projects, etc that is inside that folder will also allow editable permissions for the teacher to access student's work. Teachers will be able to locate student's work within you OneDrive under "Shared with me" on the left side of page.

The students will proceed through the six stages of a WebQuest to complete the activity which include Introduction, Task, Process, Resources, Evaluation, and Conclusion

  • Welcome: OneDrive organization

  • Description: Students will learn how to organize their personal OneDrive and how to properly share work with their teachers.

  • Grade Level: 5-12

  • Curriculum: Technology

  • Keywords: OneDrive, Cloud, Sharing

  • Author: Chandler DeLattre